Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dollar-Cost Averagers Rejoice!

This is a GREAT time to buy those shares for your retirement account. Well, unless you were planning on retiring this year. Sorry if you were. My kids might learn about this financial crisis someday in a history class and wonder how we lived through it. Well, by recycling our tea bags, mending our clothes, reading by candlelight and keeping the house at 55 degrees through the winter of course. Oh, and riding a friggin' bike instead of pumping our paychecks into a car.

I just spent a week in a little stinkhole called Las Vegas. Ever heard of it? At least the people I was there to see were worth seeing, talking to and drinking beer with. Me and the town don't get along so well. It's a new-agey, hippie energy thing. Las Vegas is to my inner starchild what The Man is to the long-haired 60s holdover. I won't go into detail. It's damn good to be home even if I'm still hearing the tingling of slot machines in my head, even if the images of overweight chain smokers popping coin after coin into the abyss are forever seared into my brain.

Sorry for the slow upload of comments to my last post. Thanks to everyone who set me straight by explaining that asphalt is easier on the knees and joints than concrete. Whatever. The best comment came in the form of another query courtesy of Hiawatha Jim, "The real question is why would anybody run in this day and age when they could ride a bike?" Well played, Jim ... well played.

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Stephen and Rachel said...

Vegas = lots of smoke and too much noise. I had to go for a business trip before I became a teacher. The only good thing I could say about Vegas was Mystere...the Cirque show I caught. I have no desire to ever return unless I get a chance to go to Inter Bike like yourself.