Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Where do we go from here?

I tried to upload a happy-go-lucky image and attach something witty, but, alas, Blogger is failing me. We'll just wing it with text and hope that I don't get too carried away.

Last week, my friend Chris Zito was hit by a car at Hiawatha and Lake, sustaining fractures to the spine, arm, hip, etc. He got out of the hospital on Monday. His story was featured on the 10 o'clock news tonight. Bully, you say. Well, let's examine a few facts. Zito was struck from behind by a motorist who sped away. He was able to regain his footing and witness two more motorists driving over his bicycle in the roadway. The last part makes no sense to me. When you, fair reader, are navigating your car, don't you swerve for the slightest branch in the road? What of a whole fucking bicycle crafted for a man well over six feet in height? That's gonna leave a mark (on your precious car).

Well, blacklist me now. I am advocating the mandatory revocation of ALL such drivers' licenses. When will authorities begin to understand that there are a multitude of serially negligent and abusive drivers prowling the roads? I don't care if you've been popped for DWI or speeding. YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. Get it worked out and try to get your license back after you've addressed your problem. (You should have to appear before a board of cyclists and pedestrians.) Psychoanalytically speaking, your problem might have to do with a lingering sense of lack of freedom. If so, forget the license to drive and buy a bike. There's your real freedom, you miscreant nitwit.

Citizens observe war on foreign soil(s). And some do not understand why all of us ("Americans") do not back the war. Well, in part, (beyond many other obvious reasons) you may not understand that there are wars on American soil -- racial wars, social wars, religious wars and ideological wars. Well, speaking to the latter, the American ideology of the automobile cannot endure. Remember the civil rights movement? Well, it isn't over yet. And, I am not claiming to hold any ownership in that fight. However, I am aligning the cyclists' fight for recognition with the fight for basic, inalienable civil rights. Governments (and motorists) wish to hold cyclists accountable for a tyrannical system which has been created against them. Does the adjective "tyrannical" sound familiar? It should. It has been used to describe all that "America" is against, yet hypocritically, left and right, seems to uphold. The term was used in our Declaration of Independence -- remember that, when we called those bad Brits on their bullyish ways?

Yep, fuck you, automobile culture. When it's all said and done, millions will wonder why we spent billions combatting the mythical "war on drugs" in our fair land while ignoring the country's horrible and brutally addictive dependence on oil. Or will we? Hell, you boneheaded, habitual drivers so often seem impervious to the plight of humanity beyond your windshields. Maybe people outside of your cars appear as bugs. Sorry for the melodrama, but those who drive without brains are really irking me. Wake up, you fuckers.

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