Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, the weather outside is frightful ...

... not really, lately. We have been, in a word, spoiled. "Pure spoilt rotten," as some of my TN kin-folk might say. It has been in the 30s and 40s and, today, even the 50s. I'm not talking about a throwback to McCarthy-era conservatism either. We're talking some of the best riding temparatures known to woman or beast. Yesterday was the first team training ride for illustrious Team Hub, aka The Hub Cycling League. For those not in the know, The Hub is only the coolest bike shop in town. Yeah, really. www.thehubbikecoop.org Check it, check it, check it out.

Well, back to the weather. Consider this image. Barely two weeks of bumbling American political history has come to pass since this was the scene out the back window. (And, no, that's not my Beemer.) Anywho, the bike commuting was hellacious. I was even overheard to admit on one morning ride that, "I am tired of this shit." Imagine skating one two wheels, basically -- sliding into ice ruts created by car tires. Careening out of one rut into another, which throws you back the other way. Lots of fun. Back and forth ... 2 feet, 3 feet ... all the while wondering how you've escaped horizontality. (New word. I like it.) High "pucker factor." It's a joy to start your day totally gripped, just imagining that you don't want to slide the wrong way should a car be overtaking you. I am proud to say that I did not have too many biffs. But winter ain't over yet. Forget the groundhog; I'm gonna hire a plump woman to belt out a capella tunes curbside. Then, it's over. Enough said.

We got another whopper of a snowstorm recently. Something like 10" in a day or so. Some were even calling it a blizzard. I think it's been too long since a real blizzard has visited Mpls. Folks just want to roll the word off their tongues to make sure they can still pronounce it. My company even concocted a strategy to get employees out of work early. I had an option to drive. But I also had the option to ride. My good pal, Dave Lee, was leaving work at the same time. Dave is my favorite co-worker to ride with since we have a good groove and similar pacing. It was hard in spots since the snow was already 8"-10" deep. What a great ride though. It was one of my favorites of all time since the temperature was reasonable and the energy was high. We had residents out shoveling their driveways cheering us on. A Papa John's delivery driver even rolled down his window to shout, "You guys are awesome ... yeah!!" I was greeted upon arrival at home by my loving family. Sylvia was still in her snowsuit and charged out to greet me. You'd think I'd just been released from prison or something. Maybe I had.

Perhaps drivers ought to reconsider the plight of existence inside a four-wheeled prison cell. All things considered, I got home faster and safer that afternoon on my bike.

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