Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So there we were ...

Yep ... ringin' in the New Year MN style! Okay, so the picture is blurry. But I took it, and as best I can recollect this is how it looked to me when we arrived home. Maybe it was my idea. Rain all day New Year's Eve changed to snow in the evening. So what? Hitch up the trailer and load up the kid, head to a friend's house and ... voila ... instant New Year's celebration! Actually the New Year, like the snow, came upon us gradually, not unlike the decadent dinner featuring salmon and crab legs. Oh well, catch as catch can. For dessert we sampled Petit Ecolier cookies and a Black Sabbath documentary. UMMM ... tasty! The snowstorm had subsided by midnight, but the driving drunks were in full force. One rapscallion even yelled at us to "Take the train!" (I think you should have been on the train, buddy.) As for the Fleck Family Robinson, we stuck to the byways and had the skidfest of our lives. Good stuff, and 'less the youngun grows up to be a NASCAR driver, she'll appreciate it one day too. Fresh powdery snow beneath the crunch of bike tires, a mostly silent night in the city, a New year and New adventures.

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