Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Party of Rosian Proportions

BRose's Fourth of July party held on June 28th. Dig it. The theme (or one of them) was sausage. It was fun for the whole family. Unfortunately it was not so enjoyable for a neighbor lady across the alley. Oh well, you can't please all of the meth-heads all of the time.

Sylvia rated the party sparkleriffic!

We played one of my favorite games -- pass the baby. Here Meg, who is expecting her own little one in a few months, skillfully puts Willa to sleep. This left Daddy's hands free for beer.

Tom and JB doing time in the front yard. I see neither of these guys enough anymore.

As the evening wore on, Sylvia's sparkler technique got more sophisticated. But eventually all the sparklers were gone and the fireworks had all been exploded. A bit after 10pm I escorted the ladies home and returned to the festivities. A wave of folks hit and the yard was full when I returned.

A man and his meat -- BRose balances a tray of his and Julie's treasured homemade, hand-stuffed Polish sausage. It was delicious, as always.

The sausage was so good some folks, Hurl included, did not want to let it go even to fill a beer cup.

At some time in the night along came a car chassis outfitted with pedaling stations allowing a group of pedalers to cruise in style. Several parties were dispatched throughout the night. Adam, on the left, and I had an interesting discussion about the contraption. He referred to it as a kinesthetic sculpture. We both talked of how much more effective it could be with a few refinements.

It must be love -- Bill and Cat captured in a moment of rapturous expression. She said she felt safe and wasn't being harrassed. I had to take her word for it. Maybe Bill has hypnotic powers. Who knew?

You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. That's why BRose is counting it from a chair in front of the mantle. With an impressive spread of food and kegs of Two Hearted and PBR I hope the Rose's took in enough cash to offset part of the affair. It was another great party.

Today was a beautiful, lazy day. In the mid afternoon we ambled to CRC Coffee and then to Painter Park so Sylvia could get some playtime.

Skiles came by on his brand new ride -- a green Cross-Check with matching King hubs, headset, Velocity rims and Salsa ano accents. Nice work!

Willa continues to grow -- quickly. She took in the sights and sounds and tolerated being called a boy many times over. She was dressed a little boyish in some of Sylvia's hand-me-downs including the "punk rock" onesie. People at the Rose's party were rather hung up on gender, too. Willa was wearing pink bottoms and a blue jacket -- that really confused a lot of folks. I had to state several times over that we were given most of our baby clothes second hand. We just dress our kids in them and don't really worry whether they are boy or girl specific. As soon as you have your mind made up what you want your kids to be they're just going to be themselves anyway.

Hell yeah.


chiggins said...

We just dress our kids in them and don't really worry whether they are boy or girl specific.

Word. The kids helmets have been remarked upon since Huckleberry gets the pink one, and Ruby picked out a blue one with monsters. But neither Rebbie or I could justify getting him a new helmet when 1. he doesn't care, and 2. it won't fit in 6 months anyway.

Rebbie brought up another point too, that Ruby's 2.5 years older than Huck, and he's got a long career of toddler tranvestitism ahead of him once she figures out how to get him in her princess dresses anyway.

Looks like an awesome party, happy Fourth to ya!

Marco Esteban said...

I'm glad I didn't make it in any of the photos - not sure what may have happened that night. My brother made it to the Fleck blog, though. Good times.

Andy said...

Good lord, I think Bill lost his faith from the looks of that photo.